Granite Devices was born in 2006 by enthusiastic hobby project of one of it founders, Kontkanen Tero,. He had a project to build a seriously performing CNC mill/router. By chance, he came by a set of very nice AC servo motors but lacked suitable servo drives. After realizing that the affordable and available choices were too limited, or simply unsuitable for the enthusiastic project, Kontkanen continued digging deeper to the inner workings of a servo motor. After a while he realized that a fully competent AC servo control was attainable with just a handful of the newest electric components by the help of sophisticated real-time algorithms…and in this period was born the ancestors of IONI and ARGON.

Since one of base philosophies of founder's work was to make things rock solid reliable, and flawless in operation, the name Granite Devices was chosen. The basis for all doing was the focus on robustness and essentials without needing wasteful designs.


OrbisCNC is authorized distributor and solution-provider of Granite Devices and we are able to provide assistance for the "go live" and also for programming/maintenance of these products. We ever help our customer before and also after sales.


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